Piraeus Bank offers contactless Visa Platinum card


Piraeus Bank started sales of the contactless Visa Platinum card with PayWave technology within the upgraded "Financial guide" product - "Santorini" package of services, which provides number of the exclusive luxury services.


Customers who buy "Santorini" package get several benefits, such as opening of accounts in three main currencies, receiving "Financial security" and "Travel" insurance, receiving double amount of bonuses under the "Bonus" loyalty program from Piraeus Bank. Visa Platinum holders haveprofessional 24/7 support from Concierge service in search and ordering of anything in Ukraine and worldwide regardless of client's location.

Additionally "Santorini" holders can enjoy the following benefits: savings accounts with an increased rate depending on the amount of purchases made by the card, no commission for cash withdrawals in all ATMs in Ukraine and abroad, opening and maintenance the Internet banking system winbank.