Terms and Contiditions

The following terms and conditions shall in no case substitute the provisions of the Contract regarding the winbank service concluded between the Bank and the Client, provisions meant to govern all operations and transactions performed by means of the Internet Banking service offered by First Bankl (referred to as the “Bank”), these completing the provisions of the above-mentioned document.

The Bank reserves the right to revoke or amend the terms of use for the services offered through winbank (hereinafter referred to as "winbank"), the provision of which by the Bank shall not be compulsory.

  1. The Client is compelled to ensure the conditions necessary for connecting to Internet which allow the accessing of the winbank internet application, conditions mentioned in the Technical Specifications. The Bank does not have the obligation to ensure the devices or equipment necessary for Internet access, the Client fully covering the costs for connecting to and using the service, as well as any other taxes and expenses associated to this service.
  2. The Client may apply for this service by ticking this option on the relevant form received from the Bank and by providing all the necessary information required for obtaining the service. The Client shall have at least one current account opened with the Bank. Provided that the application is accepted, the Client will be invited to sign the Contract regarding the winbank service. The contract is concluded for an undetermined period. Each of the assigned Users will receive a Username (User ID), a Password (PIN) and if requested, a Token device and a Token PIN enabling them to access the winbank application. The Username (User ID) and Password (PIN) (communicated to each User in a sealed envelope) can be modified at any moment by the User using the respective menus from the application. The User has the obligation to modify the Codes at least once by replacing the codes initially provided by the Bank with another codes, known only by him/ her, upon his/ her first connection to the winbank Application. The Bank does not have access to the User’s Password (PIN).
  3. Since the User is identified by the system through his/ her use of the Username (User ID), Password (PIN) and if the case, Token PIN, the User has the obligation to adopt all the necessary measures for the prevention of the unauthorized use of the application and its coded data by any third parties. The User should in no case disclose his/her codes to any third party. The User shall be solely responsible and shall undertake the risk for any damage incurred by him/her or the Bank due to any access by a third party to the User’s access codes.
  4. In case the codes are compromised, the Client must immediately call Direct Services Department to the number +40-21-303.69.69 or 0800-801-802, or any other phone number subsequently communicated in this purpose by the Bank, and request the codes cancellation. The Bank will apply the User identification procedure and take the responsibility to immediately cancel the user Codes, not being responsible for any standby transaction or a transaction ordered with future date or recurring transaction related to the blocked code. The Client’s failure to immediately inform the Bank of such a situation will be considered as a case of serious negligence on behalf of the User, the Bank being exempted from any obligation towards the Client with respect to any losses incurred thereby as a result of the failure to communicate, the infiltration, loss or theft of these codes.
  5. The Client will have to immediately notify the Bank with respect to the cancellation of the right granted to any of the persons assigned to effect operations in its name and on its behalf.
  6. The Client was informed and agrees that payment orders will be executed or refused within the timeframe stipulated by the applicable BNR (National Bank of Romania) Regulations in force. The Client agrees to be informed of the payment order acceptance/ refusal and the reason for refusal by viewing the operation status.
  7. The Client agrees that transfers/ payments will not be performed in case he has not provided all the necessary data required for the respective transfer/ payment, this being his own responsibility.
  8. The Client acknowledged and agrees that in case of deferred and recurring payment orders whose execution date is a non-working banking day, the payment will be executed by the Bank on the immediately following banking day. If the above mentioned payment orders are defined by the Client to be executed on the last day of the month and this day is a non-working banking day, the payment will be executed on the following banking day. Also, the payment orders received after the Cut-off time established by the Bank for their processing will be executed on the immediately following banking day.
  9. The Client undertakes the risk and responsibility for errors due to the operation of the Internet network and the telecommunication networks resulting in the destruction or modification of the contents of electronic orders, updated electronic data or other information that the Client receives through the winbank application in case the designated User uses the application improperly or this was caused knowingly by the User.
  10. The Bank will not be held responsible for any damage or prejudice of any kind suffered by the Client, in case of intervention or attempt of intervention on the winbank application or the Bank website or Internet network, as well as in case the winbank application operates inadequately or breaks down for reasons not due to the obvious negligence or bad will of the Bank. The Bank will not take any responsibility for the accuracy/ truthfulness/ legality of the information included in the Operations ordered by the Client.
  11. The User will not be able to access the winbank application in case the Internet network breaks down and/ or in the case of any event which may endanger service access. Thus, the Bank cannot guarantee the User’s possibility to continuously connect to the winbank Application.
  12. A payment order is considered authorized if the Client expressed his/her consent for the execution of the respective operation. After providing the necessary information for performing the payment order, the Client will have to confirm the correctness of these data. This confirmation will represent the Client’s consent for the execution of the payment order.
  13. The Client cannot withdraw his/her given consent for the execution of an immediate payment order after confirming it. The Client will be able to cancel a payment order after its processing/ transmission through a request addressed to the Bank. The Bank does not guarantee a refund of the transferred amount.
  14. In case of future or recurring payment orders, the Client can withdraw his/her consent latest until the end of the working banking day before the day established for processing the respective operations.
  15. The Bank has the right to reject one of the Client’s Operations through the winbank application, the reason being registered in the application.
  16. The Bank undertakes to ensure the information regarding the operations performed by the User in the Client’s accounts.
  17. It is expressly agreed that any print-outs of a transaction will have an indicative nature, as they cannot be invoked as obvious evidence of the date and time of execution of an order sent to the Bank. The full proof of a transaction performance is represented by the entries in the Client’s account, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  18. Any use by the User of mnemonic names to describe Bank products or specified banking recipients, card accounts etc. will be specific for the respective User, the purpose of such references being to facilitate operations and avoid the User’s need to memorize certain data. Mnemonic names used by the User are indicative and are not binding for the Bank, while only the data corresponding to such mnemonic description on the date and time when a relevant transaction is sent to the Bank shall be considered valid.
  19. For bank transactions offered by means of the Internet Banking service, the Bank will ask the User to pay its fees and/ or commissions, as well as other relevant expenses, according to the Bank’s Fees and Commissions.
  20. The Bank undertakes the right to expand or, on the contrary, restrict, the purpose, nature or number of transactions and/ or services available through the winbank, as well as to establish the dates from which and the time frames for which such services are available.
  21. The use of cookies through the Internet is intended to record the interest of Users in the Bank’s products and services. This helps compile and analyze data relating to web page traffic and also meet User’s needs. Therefore, in this case the said information is compiled solely for statistical reasons. In case, however, a User rejects such a cookie (by selecting the necessary settings in his/her browser), his/her access shall not be blocked. The Bank’s intention is to assure Users that by accepting a cookie the Bank gains no access to their computer or personal data, except those that they chose to share with the Bank.
  22. It is strictly prohibited to copy, distribute, dispatch or broadcast with electronic or other means, adapt or adjust and circulate or present to the public any material incorporated in the present terms and conditions without the Bank’s prior written permission. Such material is and shall remain intellectual property of the Bank.
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