Technical specifications

What are the technical requirements and specifications to support access to the winbank internet service ?

It is quite easy to gain access to the winbank internet service. For this, you need a personal computer with modem and an Internet connection through any Internet Service Provider.

System Requirements

·         PC/ Processor: Pentium III or higher processor

·         Operating System: Microsoft Windows ΧP + S.P.2, Vista, Apple Macintosh

·         Browser: Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Communicator, Opera, Safari (for Mac)

Security Settings

Internet Explorer 8.0.

1.     Select Tools from the internet explorer toolbar, and then Internet Options

2.     Select Advanced and then at the Security field enable the following choices: Check for server certificate revocation, Use SSL2, Use SSL3 (security protocols)

In case you don't have installed yet any browser to your PC, you can select from the options below:

Internet Explorer + Service Pack 1
Mozilla Firefox
Netscape Communicator
Safari (for Mac)