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What is credit cards online …

First Bank provides you with direct and free of charge access to your credit card details through internet. Through credit cards online, you are able to view all available details of your credit cards, any time of the day.


Available details incredit cards online

Login to credit cards online and you are able to view:
  1. A summary of your First Bank Credit Cards
  2. Your credit card's details
  3. All your transactions
  4. Your monthly statement
  5. Your account analysis: last statement's issue date, current balance, due amount, payment date, minimum payment as well as your spending limit.

Accessing credit cards online

Access to credit cards online does not require a registration. You just have to own at least one First Bank Credit Card. In order to login, you just have to use your credit card's details and be authenticated. You will be requested to enter the following information: First Bank Credit Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV2 (3 digit code located on the back of the card, near the signature panel), Birth Date, and you will login immediately.