Get rid of your due taxes with winbank and Ghiş!


Starting today, you do not have to worry about how you pay your taxes!

In order to enjoy the truly important things, Piraeus Bank and have created for you a dedicated menu within the internet banking application, winbank, through which you can automatically view all your debts* to the state institutions and pay them with a few clicks, with ZERO commission!

How it works?

Please log in to winbank and you will have access to the Transfers / Payments menu where you will find the submenu Tax payments -
After accessing the menu and transmitting your consent for personal data processing, strictly necessary to provide the service, you will be able to benefit from the tax information provided by the platform:

               - Name of the Tax Institution 
               - Message of the Tax institution to the payer
               - The IBAN of the  Tax institution 
               - Name of the Tax / fine
               - Value of Tax

Then select any tax or fine** and with a few clicks you can pay it partially or wholly with ZERO commission, and within minutes after the successful completion of the payment, the due debt will be automatically adjusted in winbank , and platform.

* the due taxes will be displayed only if the issuing institution is enrolled in
** Depending on the priority established by the issuer payment institution