Credit Cards Online

What is "Credit Cards Online"

ABK - Egypt provides you with direct and free of charge access to your credit cards through the internet.
Through "Credit Cards Online" you are able to "connect" to your credit cards securely, anywhere anytime.


  • Aggregate presentation of all your ABK - Egypt credit cards’ balances and details
  • View your transactions (current, previous, authorizations)
  • View and print an exact copy of your monthly statement in .pdf format (requires Acrobat Reader)
  • Manage the SMS and e-mail alerts for your credit cards (authorizations, card issuance, statement issuance, credit limit change)
  • Free of charge service

How to access "Credit Cards Online"

  • No registration is needed for accessing "Credit Cards Online", you simply need to own at least one ABK - Egypt credit card
  • The data required for login are: your credit card number, its expiry date, its CVV2 number and your date of birth