I Forgot my password

I forgot my security codes. What should I do?
You can try entering the correct security codes three consecutive times.  For security reasons, the third time you enter the wrong PIN the system locks your security codes and denies you access to AstroBank web banking. In order to unlock them, you should contact AstroBank customer support center on 800 11 800 or +357 22 575555 (if calling from abroad) and have your personal information authenticated.

The customer support center is not aware of your PIN code and they can not retrieve it unless you remember it. In this case, you have to apply to the customer support center on 800 11 800 or +357 22 575555 or to any of the AstroBank branches to have your codes reissued.

The system asks me to change my PIN every two months but I want to keep the same PIN. How can I do that?
We recommend for security reasons to change your PIN regularly and avoid using the same one. However, if you wish to keep the same code, select "Services>Security Settings" and change back your code by entering the old one.

When I log-in I use two security codes. Does the Βank know both of them?
The bank knows only your UsedID. No one knows your PIN but you and this is why you must never disclose your PIN, not even when you call the customer support centre of the bank.

I plan not to use the e-banking services for a long period of time. Can I cancel them and re-activate them in the future?
Yes, you can do that by contacting the customer support center on 800 11 800 or +357 22 575555 (if calling from abroad) to arrange for your request.

When changing the UserID and PIN do I need to apply a specific format?
When changing your security codes you need to remember that it is not allowed to enter:

- a sequence of the same characters (ex. aaaa)
- a logical sequence of characters (ex.12345)/ (letters and numbers)
- the same User ID and PIN


- The User ID must be between 6-50 characters and must contain at least one letter and one number,
- The PIN must be at least 6 characters. Please note that the PIN is case sensitive and Greek characters are considered different from Latin characters. For example, klomn3 is different from KLOMN3 and abkem4 is different from αβκεμ4.

Do not use security codes that can be easily predictable such as names, dates, telephone numbers.

What do I have to do in case I lose my PIN and I want to declare the loss?
You can call 800 11 800 or +357 22 575555 (if calling from abroad), 24X7 and one of our agents will cancel any of the access channels.