System Integration with exUSB Bank

All you need to know about the system migration with exUSB Bank.



Internet Banking Information

I have internet banking access in IBank (exUSB Bank). How will I obtain access to my exUSB acoounts through internet banking?

As of Monday 14/10/2019, you will have access to your internet Banking via AstroBank.  Simply enter the your ibank username and Password and follow the instructions that will appear on your screen. Successfully doing so will cancel your existing ibank codes.

Will I be able to login in IBank? 

No. The ibank Service will remain in operation until Friday 11/10/2019 at 15:00. As of 14/10/19, you will be serviced by AstroBank’s Internet Banking Service, Winbank.  

Will I be able to perform transactions?

Yes, you will have access to your personal accounts as normally and be able to perform transactions with the same permissions you have had in exUSB Bank, iBank. In the case where not allowed to perform transactions, please contact your servicing branch in order to guide you on how to obtain permissions. 

Will I be able to use the Token device I have?

No. The Token device will automatically be deactivated. As of 14/10/19, you will receive the one-time passwords to the mobile number you have registered in exUSB Bank. It is of utmost importance to update your mobile number at your account branch the soonest, in order to be able to receive the OTP and validate any transaction through Winbank. Following electronic systems integration, you are kindly requested to return the Digipass Device to the Bank, for safe disposal

I have internet banking in both Banks, AstroBank and exUSB Bank. Which credentials shall I use to login?

You should enter your AstroBank Internet Banking credentials as usual. Your credentials for ibank, will be automatically terminated on Monday 14/10/2019.

Will my SMS Alerts continue to Function?

SMS Alerts SMS alerts, including ibank alerts, will be replaced by AstroBank’s SMS Alert service. You may enroll at the service at no cost, by visiting your account branch.

Will I be able to see my existing Beneficiaries? 

Beneficiary profiles saved in ibank, will not be transferred automatically to Winbank, hence all frequently used accounts of beneficiaries will have to be created in Winbank anew.

24/7 Call Center 800-11-800, +357 22 575555 (from abroad)